Dion Flores


About Dion

Dion J. Flores is a music education and critical pedagogy researcher with graduate degrees in music education and performance and teaching experience from Canada and the United Kingdom. 


Research Interests: music education, mindfulness & meditation, music performance anxiety, cognitive psychology, critical pedagogy, history of consciousness, philosophy, sociology, literacy, movement, physiology of mental health, phenomenology, co-investigative pedagogy, critical musical consciousness.

Published Works:

Flores, D.J. (2018). Failing to be perfect: The role of mindfulness and meditation in music performance (Graduate Essay). Memorial University of , St. John’s, NL.

Works in Progress:

Flores, D.J. (2018). The banking concept of education: A global pedagogical and health crisis. www.dionflores.com.

Flores, D.J. (2018). Decolonizing your mind: Reflections after seven years of post-secondary music education. www.dionflores.com.

Flores, D.J. (2018). Raising critical musical consciousness through choral pop singing and co-investigative pedagogy. www.dionflores.com.

Flores, D.J. (2018). Perfectionism: A silent, unconscious, and psychic enemy that is having a major impact on our mental and physical health.

Current Work:

Oppression of classical musicians, music performance anxiety, and mindfulness & meditation.

B.Mus. (Wilfrid Laurier University '15)
M.Mus. (Memorial University '17)
B.Mus.Ed. (Memorial University '18)